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Rene DeLuca Eder


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Yoga is a path of the self, through the self, to the self.

I discovered yoga over 20 years ago. Little did I know that it would change me from the inside out. What began as a physical practice to reduce stress expanded into a new way of living.

I began reading all I could about the practice and in 2008, took my first Yoga Teacher Training course. Within 6 months after completion, I took the leap and began teaching yoga and meditation full time.

I continued to practice, study and teach various types of yoga: Bikram, Baptiste-inspired power yoga, Anusara, Sivananda, Ashtanga and Life Power. I completed more Yoga Teacher Training courses to improve my teaching skills.

Now, I'm inspired to share the practice by writing books, leading retreats and facilitating Yoga Teacher Training programs. I hope you will practice with me!

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